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Time To Teach!

Services and Productstest

Time To Teach! helps ordinary teachers move to extraordinary levels of professionalism as they become more effective in classrooms......

Every child deserves a world-class teacher who adroitly delivers instruction with high standards and expectations and is kind and caring. This type of teacher inspires, cherishes and teaches in a way that is meaningful and powerful, and both teaching and learning occur at levels our children and teachers deserve.

Even if teachers are ordinary, they can become extraordinary in their professionalism with implementation of Time To Teach!

The goal of Time to Teach! is not to replace school discipline systems or programs currently in place - although this sometimes happens because of our success. Schools may adopt our entire set of strategies to deliver positive systemic cultural change or may use bits and pieces to augment current education programs.

Your school may have adopted content area programs, and we help those schools and teachers to deliver that curriculum like never before. No matter what program or philosophy a school has adopted or bought, our strategies will amplify the good in that program and erase any negatives interfering with the teachers' ability to teach and deliver the curriculum. That's why we are called Time To Teach!

Time To Teach! is researched and evidence-based over more than four decades, with data that supports the research. It is a set of highly successful classroom management strategies that began with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter, professor of education at UCLA and John Wooden, basketball coach at UCLA. The strategies are supported by Dr. Marzano and others. Proven strategies from the research have been learned, honed and practiced, and they are verifiable and able to be replicated. See some data at the bottom of this page.

Five Components that Promote Time To Teach SchoolSuccess are listed here, but also in the youtube video on this page:

(1) maintaining self-control and composure in all situations;

(2) arranging the classroom for maximum achievement;

(3) teaching-to and enforcing rules and procedures;

(4) firmly, but fairy, carrying out disciplinary actions; and

(5) building and maintaining strong student-teacher relationships.

Students in regular and special education classes and in title programs can spend more time on learning to increase academic achievement. If students are non-compliant and unresponsive at times, we help you teach them to be respectful, motivated and responsible - plus you learn more about yourself.  

Read the Order in the Classroom article (Leadership, 2009) that offers additional information about the benefits of Time To Teach! services.

When you host a training, we share techniques and strategies that can empower educators to take charge of discipline problems without referring students to the office or counting offenses while gaining parent support. It uses practical, proven and powerful strategies to increase student achievement and minimizes time that teachers spend in dealing with misbehavior. We can help you empower yourself - or teachers and staff in your school - to recover precious teaching time and improve your school's climate.

Classroom Management Training is a six hour training that puts you on the path to Schooling Solutions. You will learn strategies you can use the next day with techniques to handle challenging student behaviors in classrooms. Some educators reported double-digit increases on standardized tests and dramatic decreases in disciplinary challenges after the training, over time. Check out data and testimonials below! When you decide to contract with me, you will receive three quotes.

To learn more about bringing high quality, on-site training to your school or district, please fill out the form below. You will be contacted with a response in a few days with a quick quote and 3 training options.  

When you buy the books or audio books, you invest in the products that can be referred to repeatedly. They can help you decide whether or not you want to bring the training to your school. Reflect on the professional development you've had recently, then think about what you didn't receive that you wish you had!

This system fills in a lot of gaps and it may be a process that your staff would like to participate in so you can move more quickly beyond just the books..... See the short descriptions below. Go to the Products Page to buy any of the books at discounted prices and free shipping!    

We hope to hear from you soon

as you move away from the status quo to


Your students - and YOU - deserve a change

if what you had in the past didn't work as you'd hoped.

Trying it - yet again - will get the same results that weren't good enough!!!!  

Short Book Descriptions Follow

See the Products Page for more plus discounted prices!

You Are Your Child’s Best Teacher: This book helps parents and advocates empower themselves for improved well-being and children’s achievement; Common Core; good discussion starters .

 Time to Teach: Encouragement, Empowerment and Excellence in Every Classroom. (Yellow Book, Audio Book and DVD formats.) This is the one book every teacher should have. It contains theory to provide understandings about the impacts of low level behaviors on students and classrooms which can escalate to more challenging or aggressive behavior. DVD is for review and new staff.

Teach-To’s: 100 Behavior Lesson Plans and Essential Advice. A book with behavior lesson plans and advice for teaching to class rules and routines for a more effective instructional climate.

Teachin’ the Blues Away! Music CD. Written for educators by John Carswell (played with Ray Charles, Aretha , etc.) Celebrate! .

Time to Teach Differentiated Instruction: Engagement and Motivation in Every Classroom with Storytelling.(Green book, Audio book) This book provides ideas and easy-to-implement strategies for diverse learning needs and promotes motivation and learning.

 Products, Projects & Performances with 50 lessons each, rubrics, relevant hands on activities and critical thinking verbs:

· For English/ELA Classes of the 21st Century (vol. 1);

· for Math Classes of the 21st Century (vol 2),

· For Science Classes of the 21st Century (vol 3);

· For Social Studies Classes of 21st Century (vol 4);

· For Elementary Grades 3,4,5 Differentiated Learning for E/LA, Social Studies, Math and Science.

Time To Teach! The Source for Classroom Management and Differentiated Instruction Strategies for Student Motivation and Engagement: A Time To Teach Program. Training resource manuals are for seminar participants, only.