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Workshops, Webinars and Speaking Engagements


Webinars will be available in 2021.

Workshops are fast-paced with audience participation.  Topics can be custom designed or on any of the SAUCE Series Books  They begin at $1000 for 1 hour with per diem travel expenses.  Prices are determined according to various criteria such as the  the type of organization, number of participants, location, age group, etc.   

  301 Workshop A: For Parents and Families               Follow-up workshops are available)

302 Workshop B: Agencies & Advocates on Book (intro)

303 Workshop C: for Students - middle and high school  - topics in the book or custom designed.   Critical Thinking/Organizing Skills, SELFIE, etc.           

  501 Seminar: Custom Designed Professional and Staff Development

 601 Motivational Speaking Engagements - custom designed or topics  from the books  -  Inform  Dr. Mapp directly at [email protected]   

Please list what you need, results you seek, time frame,number of f participants, lccation

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2020 Greeting Cards - 50% DISCOUNT

5 Cards/Envelopes in Each Set - Use the Messages as group Read-Aloud Discussion Starters or Send the Rest!  

This period is timeless so feel free to send cards as you feel they are needed! 

Biblical Peace for Joy
Rules to Support Black Lives Matter
Healing and Peace for Diverse Cultures