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Posters for Adolescent Development and Improved Grades


A series of full-color 12"x18" posters for small group discussions and posting on walls.  Posters have learning strategies for adults working with youth to help them better understand the concepts.  

  401 Posters for Adolescents (Grades 5 -12).

A. Tough Reading Up and Down

B. Literacy Clues If You Don’t Like to Read

C. New Literacies Need New Thinking

D. Literacy Common Core and Social Justice with Problem/project- Based Learning

E. Literacy/English/Language Arts Common Core

F. Mathematics Common Core

G. Learn from Mentoring

H. Loving Yourself Enuf for Girls/Women

I. Boys/Men on Patriarchy

J. Choose to Close Gaps

K. 21st Century Skills for Success

L. Critical Thinking

M. Why Literacy and Mathematics are Important


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2020 Greeting Cards - 50% DISCOUNT

5 Cards/Envelopes in Each Set - Use the Messages as group Read-Aloud Discussion Starters or Send the Rest!  

This period is timeless so feel free to send cards as you feel they are needed! 

Biblical Peace for Joy
Rules to Support Black Lives Matter
Healing and Peace for Diverse Cultures