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Time to Teach! products contain theories that provide an understanding of low-level behaviors and thow they impact children.  They also contain techniques to demonstrate how those behaviors can be eliminated and they can help you manage a wide range of behavioral challenges with confidence and satisfaction.

The past 50 years brought rapid changes in family structure, in our knowledge base, in technology and the media, in demographics in our nation, political decision-making, in economic and class structures and in parenting and pedagogy.  

Consequences of these changes are varied and complex  Many are positive and need to be used.  Those that are more negative need to be eliminated.  

We believe that maximum learning can only take place when students know how and want to pay attention and behave.  Time to Teach! describes a discipline program that is fostering optimum learning behaviors in diverse classrooms across our nation.

We need to take time to reflect on our beliefs and how we react to them.  FIve of those beliefs are that times have changed, teachers are doing incredible jobs, children don't care how mch you know until they know how much you care, good discipline is a manner of good timing and conflict is an essential part of growing up.  


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