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A Little SAUCE to Make a Difference!

Posted on November 26, 2020 at 2:10 AM Comments comments (141)

The 2020 holidays are here, and things are so different!  It has been a trying and surprising year, and many people are getting tired on many levels.  We have to make sure that we stay as positive as possible - especially when children are in your care.  I will write in this Blog at least twice a month, but possibly more often.  My daughter has wanted me to write a blog for years but I felt I wasn't ready.  But now I KNOW I am.  The self-imposed and state-imposed stay at home orders are giving me a chance to think and DO. 

I have been busily rebranding and working my business as though it is a real business and not a hobby.  I still have a long way to go, but I am ready to end this 2020 year with my SAUCE 2020 Holiday Products that are a little different in their messages - but that's how SAUCE makes a different.  Topics not usually talked about - but need to be discussed - are brought to the forefront to deal with issues of importance. 

It is now 2:19am - and I am going to stop writing and close my computer down.  Tomorrow I will take the day away from my computer - to cook and share a few dishes with my sisters in a drop off and pick up a plate dinner - making sure we are physically distancing and mask-wearing.  We can't be scared but have to take precautions since many things are unknown. 

Good night - and Happy 2020 Thanksgiving!  May this day be good for you and your loved ones as you connect in different ways - but are still connecting.  Take care, be safe and well!! And I'll write more to announce my 2020 Holiday Offerings on Friday - the day after!!!