ABOUT...You Are Your Child's Best Teacher:

A Holistic Guide to Link Home and School (c) 2015

I've loved every minute of my journey!

An Idea is Born and Transformed...

Education is reforming itself for our strife-filled global world, and families also need to reform or renew themselves as they prepare their children to live better in that same world. Few books help in this regard, except for this innovative and holistic guide that offers clues to the complex issues of living and learning through educational and home contexts.

"You Are Your Child's Best Teacher" recognizes that families need help in becoming the best teachers for their children in our uncertain and confusing world. It is written for parents and families who want to improve family well-being and their children's academic achievement. It is also written for advocates who help support children and families through community initiatives and in in-and out-of-school-time programs.

Clues in this revised guidebook may help families and advocates move from where they are right now (the status quo) to hope for more positive future plans and goals. When families are well and searching for balance, they are more apt to do those things that are needed so their children become more satisfied and capable - both in and out of school.

The sections and chapters comprising "You Are Your Child's Best Teacher" introduce many concepts as clues to families who want to improve family well-being, relationships and student achievement.

It’s practical with explanations of the latest school reform issues, such as the Common Core and ESSA, yet thought-provoking, as it links issues of our nation with family well-being and what’s taught at home with school outcomes. This book will be used repeatedly as children and their families grow and develop!

The First 40 Page Book

(c) 2012 was intentional

The first book began formulating when a young man I met at a conference in New Jersey told me that I needed to share what I knew with others. It began as a four page Back to School fact sheet I wrote for families at a church event in 2009. One of my sisters (Angel) read it and told me that it should be developed into a book. It became this 40 page full-color booklet. During that writing, I learned new skills with the computer!

And now for the 3rd set of revisions... to be published by 2017!

Getting to this point with this book and my business are full turnarounds for me! I learned to be a better business person from the writing and publishing of my first two revisions!

Now I'm trying to find the business card given to me by John Robbins in 2010 when I ventured to a writers conference in San Francisco (Writing to Change the World) to learn more about my new craft. I met an editor who introduced me to Mr. Robbins who told me to look him up after completion...

My theme at that time was "Speaking the Unspoken" which got his attention! I have added to that a call to action.... Speaking and Acting On Unspokens as a theme running through my presentations and books where usually unspoken topics that need to be discussed are linked to topics of interest.  

It's serious - school stakeholders have to learn more about our misconceptions and contradictions so we can collaborate together as we Engage and Learn to move beyond the status quo that is hurting our families, communities, cities, states and our nation! We're all connected in this and we all have roles to play.


When I first decided to become an entrepreneur, I did a lot of reading to determine what would be the best fit for me. I am certified by the state as a consultant, so figured that was the best route.

When I read about performance consulting, I realized that I have been doing this type of work for decades so it was a natural fit. I've helped various stakeholders in schools and in the community to improve their performances for the good of our students over the years.

This book was written after friends repeatedly asked me to write down what my former husband and I did in our family to rear all five of our children to engineering degrees and they are pretty balanced emotionally. 

This book is general in nature. I didn't refer to the the metamorphosis I had to go through to become the best teacher I could for diverse students within my classes, nor the computer motherboard my children built with their Baba that he used for 25 years, nor the library of books we collected and read, nor our decision to live in the neighborhood of children I taught, nor that we stayed in Lexington rather than moving to Chicago, nor our vegetarian and holistic lifestyle that shocked our families - until they tasted my cooking! 

I want to digress for a minute as I take the time to talk about my family and their writings.... My Daddy, James R. Mapp, and Mama, Viola Martin Mapp, were civil rights activists in my hometown. They were pioneering way-makers in opening up jobs, housing and education so that all could have chances at better lives. Both my parents are gone now, but they left behind a rich legacy and big shoes to fill for their family and a better, though more contradictory world. Daddy's book is a history book and a love-story!

My work is the next generation from that period. We now struggle to make sense of a fast-paced, screen-focused, uncertain and sometimes cruel world. Some of us have lost sight of our nation's ideals about our humanity and the need to continue forming "a more perfect union" in our country as we heal from the past while becoming true to "we the people!" That's why I wrote the holistic guide....  

Books my family has written and their entrepreneurial pursuits:

1) Chance or Circumstance? A Memoir and Journey through the Struggle for Civil Rights //www.jamesrmapp.org/

2) Expanding Horizons Through Creative Expressions (2010) Obiora Embry http://www.econsultingllc.org/about10

3) Balancing the Rift: Reconnectualizing the Pasenture (2014) Irucka Ajani Embry


4) Close Your Eyes: A nighttime read it to me book (2014) by Ivy Barksdale (sis) www.author/trueperspectivepublishingh

5) The Mysterious World (2013) by MIT (not available, but written by one of my grandchildren).

A lot went into me becoming who I am at this stage of my life. But this page is more about the book...

Since I have a little more space...    

I'll describe - as pictured below -

The Logo for Schooling Solutions

The West African Adinkra symbol, Sankofa, represents the importance of bringing wise knowledge and practices from the past into the present to make positive progress. Our logo is a stylized apple/heart/Sankofa shape representing education, love and caring, blended with Sankofa and green leaves representing development for life. It symbolizes learning from the past as we transform our realities through schooling and education so our children can successfully meet opportunities and challenges in their 21st century world.