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Why you may need to add A LITTLE SAUCE to your life....  

 I’m almost ready to Sauce adds a little something extra to improve the flavor of food. 

Here S.A.U.C.E. brings seldom-discussed, yet connected, topics to the forefront 

to gain different ways of viewing problems so you can have improved results.  

Adding S.A.U.C.E. can improve the flavor of whatever you seek. 



 I’m stressed with teaching my children. I  know there’s more than just technology and on the surface understandings that I need to learn to help my children learn “deeper.” Plus I need to understand what 21st century changes really are!  

 We want more family learning projects so both children and adults in my family can heal from today’s pandemics and negativity while learning more about our family and nation.

 I’m almost ready to graduate – or need to retool my skills for different work - but feel I don’t know enough about life connections that help me make sense of the topics related to the multiple 2020 pandemics and possible future work.

 My children's schools don't teach them what's needed so they can be successful for today's world.  They haven't changed much since we were in school!  


 I understand more about 21st century changes.  I feel more confident about continually learning to keep up with change - along with attitude changes - and I can help my children do the same! We want more than just survival.  

 I now understand connections between national history, our family stories and why we need to shift some understandings and our actions to improve our nation’s democracy.

 I now feel more confident that I can be part of the change that’s needed for the future of individuals, families and our nation -  and can pass it on to my future family so we can thrive rather than just survive!

  I now know what to do so I can join with other parents and stakeholders  so we can advocate for better schools.  We will improve schools so they're better than what we had to endure as parents.  Our children will be prepared for the 21st century! 


I’ve been where you are! I had to change to transform myself to keep up so I could be successful during changing and stressful times. Throughout my life, education and work experiences I learned to support others so they became empowered to transform themselves. As an entrepreneur I consult with groups and coach individuals to become the change they seek, and my books and remote webinars extend this support today. More importantly, as a parent of five children (one daughter and four sons) who grew up to earn engineering degrees, I had to research the best ways to parent and teach them, my middle school students and all jobs I experienced. Schooling Solutions has what you need while working through and after the pandemics. 



Many people forget that families are not just collections of related adults and children. They are a nation's smallest social units and important to society's survival and functioning. The family is a social institution that provides rules about how to live in society through social behaviors, expectations and societal roles.  Many Americans have faith in the power of education to transform society, and some want it to help them transform family life. The U.S. has never had quality education for all.  Social and economic inequities have always been reproduced in our school systems to mirror society.  Change is especially required to meet the needs of the 2020s.  

Society constantly shows that it's unstable, but this period brings in-your-face views of this ​instability on many media screens. The most recent round of major instabilities in our nation and the world began in March  2020.   The viral pandemic changed life as we know it everywhere with fears about the unknown disease that's killing too many but is still not taken seriously by all.  That instability escalated to include dormant and new problems in our families and our nation (and around the world) that include:

  1. Demonstrations against racism and racial injustice (with little understanding by too many Americans of what racism really is,  the history of US policing, etc.);
  2. Home uncertainties with more stressed out parents dealing with work or no work, meeting family needs and remote learning at home (that's inconsistent across schools with too much or little of some things) coupled with  fears of bringing the virus home, whether or not to vaccinate, etc.;
  3. Economic inequities with little money for families exist that keeps them from meeting their needs and access to nutritious foods, shelter, and other necessities of life  (fair pay for work and human dignity have been ongoing problems for centuries);  
  4. Harsh and divided personal and political conversations and actions that threaten our democracy; and
  5. Severe weather conditions caused by the climate crises where people activities, poor decisions and pollution hurt the Earth and hurt humans, too! 

We Support Families and Adults Working Directly with Children, no matter their age,   

 Older Adolescents, Millennials and Gen Z   

with The S.A.U.C.E. Book Series, Products and Virtual Workshops

Contact Dr. Mapp by calling or texting her at 1.4BEST1.1411

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 if you have already purchased from one of  my other marketing sites or you purchased from here! !           If interested. you can learn more about SAUCE by Dr. Mapp in this Schooling Solutions LLC website.            Read on to learn more about other ways I can help support you and your family or other school stakeholders!

Buy the books and other Learning Products so 2021 becomes that year for healing, learning and change 

in yourself, your family, our communities and our nation! 

Feel free to look at less or more on this site!  

Performance Consultant Lead:

DeBora L'T. Mapp, Ed.D. 

Schooling Solutions LLC was founded in 2009.  Certified as a Minority Women Business Enterprise in 2014 which continues today with BBB certification and Member of Louisville Independent Business Association (LIBA).  International Women's Leadership Association Member, 2016 and National Association of Professional Women VIP Member, 2015. 

Vision: the engagement of stakeholders who transform their families and education so they're aligned with today's realities and academic success for children's improved chances for living and thriving.

Mission: to provide services and products based on wise research that's evidence and reality-based.  

Commitment: to improving family well-being, wellness and financial security and their children's academic and life success.  Transforming schools and empowering stakeholders to gird themselves with courage, will, beliefs and skills to improve children's life chances are also part of our commitment. 

More About Dr. Mapp: Using research focused on equity and excellence, she served more than 40 years in community agencies as a 4 year old program teacher and career counselor, secondary teacher-leader, P-12 district curriculum coordinator, long-time community volunteer, university administrator and professor and entrepreneur.  As a college student,  she received recognition from two national groups (AAHE Black Caucus and AERA/ UCEA David Clark) for her dissertation topic of teacher self-efficacy and African American student engagement.

Dr. Mapp matriculated at the University of Kentucky for decades as a professional student, it seemed.  But as she did that, her five children (one daughter and four sons) earned engineering degrees.  Her degrees include: 

  • EdD Instruction and Administration with an emphasis in Educational Leadership and Social Justice focus
  • MA in Education Guidance and Counseling 
  • BA in Education with a Social Studies concentration.  

 Services and Products We Offer   

We help you identify and clarify barriers and disconnects to form solutions in your school and home through our consulting services, coaching and products. See the resources and services we offer above and on the  Products page.  All school stakeholders (students and their families, and others with interests and involvement in education) have to change so they can find solutions to today's complex problems that began centuries ago.  

In schools, teacher performance is key to student learning in classrooms. This means that the performances of all school stakeholders, including school and district staffs and faculties, have to evolve and change so they can better support teachers and students in their classroom interactions.

Many of us sometimes forget that families are important as society's smallest social unit which rears children who attend schools and will eventually work to support our nation. At home, many changes may need to occur so parents and families can better prepare, love and support their children to become capable and feel cared for as they are prepared for school, living and work.  The pandemics taught us that nothing should be taken for granted, and we all have to do better!

In the community, advocates, initiatives and organizations that support children and families also have to evolve and change. This includes 2020s calls for police, social work, university and others educating new recruits who need to know our true history wile updating institutions so they are more inclusive.  This knowledge needs to be woven into  local and national reform and transformation efforts on many levels  so services can be offered that meet the needs of life today.   The SAUCE Series  is also for advocates and initiatives to use as conversation starters with youth, and for educators needing more information to assist students and their families.  

Offering  Remote Services and Products

  1. SAUCE Blog, Webinars, Books and seasonal products 
  2. .Professional and staff seminars
  3. .Family and student workshops.
  4. Posters with topics that help families and children develop on many topics (i.e.,  Common Core, reading, multiplication table/math facts to get over math anxiety, thinking skills and SCANS, etc. )

 If you don't see what you need here, talk to Dr. Mapp and she can possibly develop your needs into a workshop.  If languages other than English are needed in products and this website, inform Dr. Mapp if you have the funding to make it happen with permission from Schooling Solutions LLC..   

If you prefer to order by mail,

please text Dr. Mapp at 1.4BEST1.1411 or email her at [email protected]   

                                  You've come to the right site if you seek timely information about connections among                                    what's in the news and our nation's - and your families' pasts


Schooling Solutions and Dr. Mapp are poised to help you, 

your families and groups move through and beyond the  2020s turning points

We Support Families and Adults Working Directly with Children, no matter their age,   

 Older Adolescents, Millennials and Gen Z   

with The S.A.U.C.E. Book Series, Products and Virtual Workshops

Contact Dr. Mapp by calling or texting her at 1.4BEST1.1411